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I got up at seven o’clock as usual. After, I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I had something for breakfast at 7:30. My new day began.

It was the 22nd day of our training. I was a little bit sad, because we have no more than one week to study and play together. After class was over, I walked around the basketball court, step by step with thinking. Why I was here and what I wanted to get? The answer was I wanted to improve my spoken English and profession, so I will get a good ship-owner. It’s important very much , because it will determine my whole life in the future.

Last three weeks, I have learned a lot,not only the knowledge, but the behavior. I was impressed by our company-Sinocrew. When we were in cold, Sinocrew made us warmly; when we werein hungry, Sinocrew gave us more foods. Thanks for Mr. Wang and a serious ofleader from Sinocrew. I was also impressed by our teachers, such as Miss Joan,Miss Maria, Miss Kelly, Mr. Charles, Capt Zhang, Capt Tao etc. They are so professional that I can lean a lot of knowledge.

In the rest of days, I will work very hard and I really want to join a ship as soon as possible.(杜斌)

28 days of English training will soon ended. I feel some of tension, enrich and happy in this 28 days. I feel a lot, also learned a lot. I have benefited a lot from this training. Although time is short, but the content of the training gave me big help on listen to the theoretical guidance, also watched some collision examples, experience some of the activities, which makes me more profound and more thoroughly understand what the cadet speak .

Through this training, I have acomprehensive understanding to oneself and it also help me more quickly turned from the student's identity. As the saying goes: "the finest diamond must be cut, abrasive." A person's growth cannot leave their own learning, is inseparable from the outside world constantly push to him. Through the understanding of the corporate culture and learning, understanding of corporatemission, values, which let me have a comprehensive understanding to the company.I am full of confidence about the future of the company, which also inspired me more strict requirements in later life, strive to improve their own quality, make oneself grow up faster.

Finally, thanks the teachers for your effort. Thank you for your patience. Thank you very much!

That is all!(汤思达)

In March 2015, I and many maritime colleges and universities graduates are gathered in Beijing Sinocrew ship management company for pre-service training. Training bases are arranged in the suburbs, at first in this desolate closed life learning environment we are not used to, even produce resistance; Later, after the company counselor teacher sun and Mr. Li and other leaders of the detailed explanation and channel, we gradually realize the importance of pre-service training, and get used to this kind of unique way of life. Our teachers such as Wang Wei and Charles are very good for us and also very considerate of us,every leader conversation revealed to our care, down the last few days, tell us a lot of, from the tiny things when it comes to important sea accidents,starting from the safety of us about our responsibility. We learned a lot of books in the school less than knowledge and skills in school, widened the field of vision and active thinking, feel very with a sense of accomplishment.

According to a recent example, Gui-lin Liu, a chief engineer, with humor told us we aboard the problems at the beginning, such as seasickness, SAP, etc., let us know how to deal with before these problems. and then ship from top to bottom, or matters needing attention,which is related to the life safety and all kinds of certificates. Then shipthe etiquette, through this lesson, I realized that a polite, civilized, dress good interns is always recruit people like, this is also our basic working as an intern. Intern is the stage and then we shall complete the tasks, look atthe homework, I think, if I were in the 12 months to do earnestly, stead fast to learn, even sailing boring again, our life is meaningful. Finally, Mr. Rail put a few pieces of let me particularly impressive, these let us know, how to learn to content, how to learn to be grateful, what is fair and how as a competent tapes and so on.

Captain Tao told us the sea on duty and security management, and emphasizes the importance of correct English communication. We are able to shrug off at first, then captain Tao's film gave us greatly shocked. In all kinds of accidents are caused by tiny things, from management to the operational layer in the whole boat, from the officers to the ordinary crew, work is so casual, so irresponsible, lack of enough English communication, led to the misery. Thus we see as the crew to master good ship safety and pollution prevention knowledge and the importance of the correct code of conduct. There is a more important is our English communication abilities, so improve my English ability is our top priority.

In these training teacher told us professional knowledge, a variety of laws and regulations, I just found out that our knowledge is how little, now in the school really just theory,practice to these theories, in the face of these, we should take the initiativeto learn, work should be more hard. Team spirit is very important, in the boat,a lot of things need to be done everyone collaborates, only we solidarity and collaboration, can we solve one problem after another, face and overcome various difficulties. In addition, many leaders told us many times when mention interpersonal and speaking skills, it is very important for us, we just step into society, are lacking in many respects, especially in the aspects of humanrelationships, enter the society, it is not as simple as I was in school, solow key personhood, diligence, studious, active and responsibility is what we must, is also the foundation of our later life on the ship. In a word, form a good habit, has the good moral character is not only on land, in the boat is applicable. (李哲)

"My English is too poor". I have always said like that before I came the training class. But that will never happen to me again because I have been making progress under Miss Joan's helpand the company Sinocrew's supporting. I am surely I have made evidence progress during this period, and now I am so confidence to meet a interview as soon as possible! So through the training I achieved not only my English skillbut also my confidence! It may also learn a lot that I stay the school but I would never learn the skills taught by C/E from India, Capt. Tao from Singapore and other senior officers. These sometimes may be more important than the knowledge got from text because these skills are summarized from them who have worked on board for many years. So I am pride for me to chose our company!I will also do my best to express my thanks which through my future work! (高红砖)

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